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   e                             D           e  
1. In the town of Lunenburg down Nova Scotia way
      G            D      a                e    
in 1921 on a windy day, a sailing ship was born,
D                e             a            H7    e    
Bluenose was her name, will we ever see her kind again?
C   D         G               e     
Bluenose, the ocean knows her name, 
C                D                G   
sailors know how proud a ship was she.
C   D    G              e     a            H7          e   
Bluenose leaning in the wind, racing every wave on the sea.

       e                            D                    e    
2. Her sails were snowy white, they strained against the mast,
                        G               D        a             e     
the spray blew high, as she went racing past. As from the very first,
D                 e        a                  H7          e   
Bluenose loved to run, she liked the smell of sea and the sun.
       e                           D                  e    
3. For twenty-five long years, she ruled the northern seas,
              G            D          a           e    
riding like a queen on the tide. Then in the Caribbean,
    D               e          a          H7       e    
one dark and stormy night, she ran onto a reef and died.
       e                       D           e  
4. Now just the other day down Nova Scotia way
                   G            D         a                e    
in Lunenburg, they christened a ship just like the old Bluenose,
D           e     a                  H7     e    
to her very name: Bluenose lives and sails again.

Worte und Weise: David Martin.